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Dirty Laundry

July 6, 2014

Dirty laundry sits piled on the floorwriting
Cracks on the roof get wider
A house barely breathing
Under heavy artillery
The dust settles
Becomes the chocking kind (more…)


Categories: Poetry

5 Reasons Not to Skip Flexibility

June 17, 2014

stretchoutMy team and I see a number of clients each week who work hard and intensely, want to push their fitness to the next level and perform to the best ability level they can. When it comes to stretching, yoga and pilates, it seems as if there is a lack of interest or a feeling as if these fitness disciplines don’t matter. Many people love to skip all things stretching and mind body. For many people it’s hard to even consider slowing down enough to get through the more relaxing, less intense classes. Flexibility is hard to come by and something you have to work at equally as hard as you would strength training or cardio training. The flexibility benefit from full body stretching, yoga and pilates can help prevent injury, reduce stress and help improve posture to name a few. Don’t leave this key component out of the daily routine. (more…)


Categories: Health & Fitness

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